The first Android watch face that passively solves the problem of loneliness. You'll be entangled forever.

About Entangled

You will be connected to a random person in the world that you will never meet.

"Entangled was born out of a desire to solve the problem of loneliness. It’s the result of so many ideas and feelings. The deep and instant connection I felt meeting my girlfriend for the first time, the gaping hole in my heart for the sudden death of my father, and my interest in Quantum Entanglement." [Freddie]

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The intersection of Love, Lost, and just a hint of Quantum Mechanics.

The first Android watch face that passively solves loneliness.

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Aside from being good friends and old coworkers, we won $20,000 at the 2014 Salesforce Hackathon for our food decision making app.

Design and everything in between.
Tech Aficionado. Glass Explorer. Former Software Engineer at @getlocket (acquired by @WishShopping)

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